Plant-based Crispy Nuggets


Enjoy these nuggets in various ways to suit your preferences. Whether you bake them in the oven, air fry them for a crispy exterior, or pan-fry them for a quick meal, our Plant-Based Chicken Nuggets cook up effortlessly and retain their irresistible taste and texture.


Not only do our Plant-Based Crispy Nuggets deliver on taste, but they also align with your health-conscious choices. Made entirely from plant-based ingredients, they are cholesterol-free and lower in saturated fat compared to their animal-based counterparts. Packed with protein, vitamins, and minerals, these nuggets offer a wholesome and nourishing option for those seeking a balanced diet.

Additional information

Weight 300 g


Water, Textured Soy Protein, Non GMO Canola Oil, Isolate Soy Protein, Tapioca Starch, Wheat Gluten, Sugar, Salt, Yeast Extract, White Pepper, Inosine-5′-Phosphate, Guanosine -5′-Phosphate, Disodium Succinate, Xanthan Gum, Flavor (Amino Acid, Carbohydrates, Furans, Medium-chain Triglyceride, Palm Oil, Canola Oil), Transglutaminase.

Breading : Wheat Flour, Palm Oil, Corn Flour, Corn starch, Salt, Black Pepper, Yeast, Sodium Bicarbonate

Allergens: Soy, Wheat

Ingrédients: Eau, protéines de soja texturées, huile de canola sans OGM, isolat de protéines de soja, amidon de tapioca, gluten de blé, sucre, sel, extrait de levure, poivre blanc, inosine-5′-phosphate, guanosine-5′-phosphate, succinate disodique, gomme xanthane, arôme (acide aminé, glucides, furanes, triglycéride à chaîne moyenne, huile de palme, huile de canola), transglutaminase.

Panure: Farine de blé, huile de palme, farine de maïs, amidon de maïs, sel, poivre noir, levure, bicarbonate de sodium.

Allergènes: Soja, Blé


Nutrition Facts

Plant-based Crispy Nuggets